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Quote icon Alla is an amazing therapist. I have been going for a number of years now. She is always on time, has the latest techniques and technology and is highly skilled. Her treatments are highly effective and incredibly relaxing. A fabulous treat for your skin and mind.

Lynn Young


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Quote icon I’ve been coming to this Beauty Salon for over 4 years as Alla is amazing, knows her stuff and clearly advises in order to get the best results for you! I have recently used the ULTRASONIC EXFOLIATION - excellent results with only one session. Quick and easy with no downtime. I'm very pleased with this Salon and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her; friendly, great communication, attention to detail, professionalism with high service to the customer.

Irina Rusinova


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Quote icon I am a regular visitor to Alla and love my visits.
Her knowledge in the field is certainly one of the best I've come across. I find it is so relaxing that in this busy world we live, I almost always fall sleep. Keep up the great work Alla I'm sure all of your clients would agree you are the best.

Lin Holland


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Quote icon Thanks Alla for your really good treatment!! I’m so happy!! Really love it!

Tatiana Gilbert


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Quote icon Very Nice service! My girl friend loved it!

Kaysavan Subramaniam - K7


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Quote icon Alla the best beauty teraphist all of Adelaide! I like her hands so much, they is gold! Highly recommended!

Снежанна Казанцева


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Quote icon The best facial treatment I have ever had! The place is tidy and Alla is happy to answer all your questions about treatment.

Jane M


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Quote icon I have done huge range treatments at Alla Falko during last 5 years such as different peelings, microdermabrasion, ultrasonic face cleansing and more. The last thing I did was OxyGeneO+ (4-in-1). This is superb procedure. In Adelaide this procedure is provided only by Alla Falko. Highly recommended! Will 100% be going back!

Kate Bel


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Quote icon The best service ever, had a great relaxing experience and very attentive approach. Enjoyed my skin straight after the deep cleansing treatment with ultrasound device and could immediately see the results. Highly recommend.

Natalia Franze


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Quote icon Very experienced cosmetologist , reasonable prices, excellent results!

Екатерина Гаврилова


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Quote icon Alla is an excellent professional and expert in skin condition treatments. Thanks to her my rosacea condition has improved immensely that now I am happy to not use make up everyday as my skin looks smooth and not red anymore.

Silvana Vanzillotta


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Quote icon I have been going to skin ‘specialists’ for various treatments for over ten years and no one was able to treat my acne as well as Dr Alla.
She is a 'qualified' skin specialist and was able to identify my skin issues and put me on a gentle treatment regime that has actually cleared my skin!! No tricks – just scientific, medical based tools and techniques.
Hallelujah!! I no longer feel like a pubescent teenager in an adult body!

Dr Alla is gentle, thorough and very professional.
I highly recommend her services.

Thanh Huynh


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Quote icon Beautiful treatments from a beautiful lady ❤ and effective and affordable too!

Tammy Collyer


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Quote icon THIS LADY IS INCREDIBLE ! I have been struggling with acne and very uncooperative skin for many years, Alla managed to help me fix and maintain my skin to a rejuvenated and glowing state!! Cannot recommend her enough :)

Lilia Butonova


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Quote icon I have recently tried out the ultrasonic facial cleansing procedure, and was really happy with the results! My skin is now much clearer, looks fresher and the blackheads around my nose are are cleared up! I recommend this procedure for young people, especially with problem skin eg acne, blackheads etc.

Masha Neledva


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Quote icon I give Advanced Beauty Therapy by Alla Falko my highest recommendation as an extremely professional highly capable beauty therapist with an extraordinary knowledge and attitude towards skin treatments. I am thrilled with my results and just wouldn't go anywhere else. My skin improved after one treatment and become brighter, smoother and glowing and the difference is very visible. I was super impressed by the effect and will definitely continue to regularly visit Advanced Beauty Therapy.
I am looking forward to having more skin treatments performed by Alla. She is the best beauty therapist in Adelaide!!!

Rita Funny


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Quote icon I have a very positive experience with Alla's services. My skin used to break out regularly, it looked dry and dull and I felt like a teenager in my mid-20-ties. Before, I was trying to find perfect skin care for myself by spending money on various pricey brands that actually did not improve my skin conditions. When I first visited Alla, she immediately suggested a very gentle and professional treatment for my acne, and within less than a month I saw a dramatic improvement in my skin condition. I use Alla's services for nearly six months now and I am very happy to have a professional cosmetologist treatment, and also, a piece of advice with regards to my skin care

Maria Dmitrijeva


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Quote icon I visit Alla for many years. She is the best one I had ever known. I visit her on a constant base and do a lot of cosmetology procedures .Every time Alla suggests something new and advanced. She is keen for regularly improvement of her knowledge , participates in many conferences, workshops and brings this new experience to the clients. She uses a lot of new and advance cosmetology formulas and every visit to her is a pleasure for my skin and for myself. Alla is very positive and it is really nice to communicate with her. My face says so many thanks to her experienced hands and I am so lucky we have such a specialist in our Adelaide. Highly recommend to try and enjoy the experience.

Julia Avdeeva


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Quote icon I have oily skin with enlarged pores and decided to try out the enzyme therapy facial which gave incredible results, which exceeded my expectations! After only two treatments, my skin became more hydrated, cleaner and gave me overall tightened my facial skin. I highly recommend this therapy for people seeking anti aging procedures and for those who do not enjoy injections or Botox, as it naturally lifts the skin and gives the same appearance as after cosmetic procedures.

Elena Bobrova


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Quote icon I have always had problem skin until Alla began treatments, achieving great results. I now have good skin that looks fresh. I really love the results of the anti-aging treatments Alla uses too. I am both surprised and delighted as I had never expected such good results. Thanks Alla.

Janece Petrie


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Quote icon I went to Alla for a consultation. My skin was flabby and dry. I wanted her to advise on face refreshment procedures, as well as recommendation on suitable creams.

When I came to Alla’s neat and clean apartment, I immediately felt comfortable. The office looked modern, and the couch was nice and soft. The advantage was that the couch has a heating function. It was important to me, because I can not relax when I am cold.

From the first minutes I was captivated by Alla's respectful and reverent attitude towards me. She delicately asked questions, communication was extremely friendly.

Alla quickly noticed what needs to be worked on and suggested options for the procedures. She clearly explained the virtues, duration and cost.

I chose biorevitalization.

When Alla started cleaning my face, I immediately felt bliss, as if it were the gentle hands of my mother.

I already went to the procedures about 5 times and Alla was always friendly, punctual and organized.

Alla's competence is not in doubt. Numerous certificates adorn the wall in her office. It proves that cosmetology is her passion. She is a professional with many years of experience and is constantly improving in her field.

An additional advantage is competitive prices for services.

I definitely recommend beautician Alla Falco.

Irina Mcmahon


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Quote icon It is the pleasure and privilege to have beauty treatment provided by Alla.
Alla is extremely knowledgeable in her field. I have found her service ethics very reliable. I am very happy and satisfied with my facial treatment provided by Alla and is absolutely sure to continue to be Alla's customer. Thank you very much dear Alla.🙏🌹🌹🌹

Tatiana Alonge


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Quote icon Alla is an accomplished lady and a visit to her is a very pleasing experience. Her salon is clean and calming and her service friendly and very relaxing. I am a regular client and always look forward to my treatments.

Alyson Menzies


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Quote icon I am a regular visitor to Alla and love my visits.
Her knowledge in the field is certainly one of the best I've come across. I find it is so relaxing that in this busy world we live, I almost always fall sleep. Keep up the great work Alla I'm sure all of your clients would agree you are the best.

Lin Holland


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