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Alla Falko has over 22 years' experience in Cosmetic Medicine and specialises in facial rejuvenation techniques.


Alla graduated in medicine in 1992 from Moscow Medical University specialising in Dermatology and has extensive European training and practicing Beauty and Skin health treatments.


Alla has a unique blend of dermatological knowledge and expertise in various and advanced beauty therapy techniques and devices that make her one of Adelaide's leading specialists of non-invasive cosmetic treatments and skin health and rejuvenation. Alla regularly raises her professional level - she attends international congresses, conventions of dermatologists and cosmetologists, forums, training courses and masterclasses. Alla is a regular participant in conferences on cosmetology.





Given the long experience as a dermatologist, Alla Falko successfully treats couperose, rosacea, acne and hyperpigmentation.


At Advanced Beauty Therapy Salon, we understand that everyone’s skin is unique and the needs are different. That is the reason we are attentive to each client and work closely to tailor a treatment plan that addresses your concerns and guarantees your skin's goals are achieved.


Skin health care advice and a comprehensive treatment plan is part of Alla's service along with a touch of European luxury in each treatment.


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