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What is it?
This procedure is an alternative to surgical plastic surgery, and visible results are observed after the first procedure. 
The basis of the Charm procedure is biomechanical stimulation of the muscles of the face, neck and décolleté. 
The unique "Charm" equipment was invented for athletes and astronauts and contributed to muscle recovery after intense exertion, as well as a long stay in zero gravity. 
The edemas are removed, wrinkles are smoothed out, the face oval is improved and tightened, and the skin colour takes on a healthy and well-groomed. 
Therefore, if you feel tired, and before the holidays are still far away, we recommend you to make an appointment for this procedure!
The procedure is universal and all-the-year-round!
Ideal Treatment for:
~ Elimination of facial wrinkles
~ Restore face oval 
~ Restore skin tone 
~ Improving skin elasticity
~ Relieves stress
~ The procedure also helps to recover faster after injuries and surgeries, relieves muscle tension, headaches, joint and spinal pains
~ Muscle stimulation
~ Lifting, anti-aging, skin tightening and firming, collagen enhancement 
Duration: 90 mins


What is it?
SKIN NEEDLING with DERMAPEN - is seriously the best form of skin rejuvenation and you can achieve amazing results with as little as one treatment.
The Dermapen is an advanced skin micro-needling technology uses multiply needles that vertically pierce the skin with the automatic vibration function that stimulates collagen growth and help improve skin texture and reduce scarring.
You will see an improvement in your skin within a week. 
However, new collagen is formed over 90 days and the visual effect will continue to improve over the next 3-6 months. 
Generally, 3 treatments are needed.
Ideal Treatment for:
~ Reduce acne scarring and burn scars
~ Reduce fine lines and wrinkles such as crows feet and the dreaded frown lines
~ Stretch marks
~ Tightens enlarged pores
~ Breaks down brown sun damage spots
~ Smokers lines around lips
~ Alopecia
Duration: 60 mins


What is it?
Perfect skin that does not require care - it is rather a myth.
In reality, you have to face a variety of problems. For example, the skin may be very oily or, conversely, very dry. Pores can be enlarged and clogged. It seems like not very serious problems, but they still deprive the image of grooming and require attention and time.
Ultrasonic facial cleansing is a hardware procedure that is aimed at effective deep cleansing of the skin, pores from contamination, sebum, and elimination of blockages of the sebaceous glands.
The procedure is carried out using an ultrasonic scrubber. The skin is exposed to ultra-short waves. They penetrate deep enough, do micro-massage of cells and tissues. No discomfort!
During the procedure, the upper layer of already dead cells is exfoliated, the pores get rid of impurities, including particles of cosmetics, sebum.
Moreover, ultrasound helps smooth small wrinkles, stimulates the skin to produce natural elastin, collagen.
Additionally, the procedure is accompanied by a face and neck, which gives an additional effect.
Ideal Treatment for:
~ Skin looks young, fresh, fit, well-groomed
~ Moisturisation
~ Reducing blackheads
~ Cleansing and narrowing of the pores
~ Decrease in fat content
Duration: 90 mins

FACE LIFT - Visual Effect After One Procedure! $79

What is it?
Perhaps every woman will sooner or later begin to think about face lifting. Over time, the skin loses its former elasticity, the first wrinkles appear. This is an inevitable process - after 30 years, the amount of collagen and elastin begins to decrease gradually, and without this skeleton, the skin becomes lethargic and inelastic.

 Using the latest technology based on magnetic Infusion Technology, the treatment incorporates the technology creates a magnetic field and impulses warm up the skin cells and stimulate the collagen generation.  

The procedure is included the special capsules which are specifically tailored for your skin. They infuse deep into the skin at the same time and after only one session you can notice the visual effect.
Face lifting procedure has extended effect which gradually accumulating for several months and can hold down for a year. 
Infusion Capsules Serum: natural botox, hyaluronic acid, collagen, whitening for pigmentation, special cocktail for repairing, anti-ageing and skin calming. 

  Ideal Treatment for:

~ Smooths lines and wrinkles for a fresher looking complexion
~ Toned facial muscles give firmer skin contours
~ Improved skin texture
~ Improved moisture retention
~ Finer pres promote elasticity
~ Smoothed laughter and stress lines
~ Improved skin pigmentation
Duration: 75 mins

FACE MASSAGE or Hiromassage $75

What is it?
Hiromassage, or Spanish massage, is the “invention” of the Spanish physician Enrique Garcia Castells.
It is based on a technique aimed not only at the physical, but also at the psychoemotional state of a person.
The main principle of Spanish massage is the simultaneous effect on all body systems (lymphatic, circulatory and nervous).
Facial chiromassage is so effective that it can successfully replace plastic surgery. It has a pronounced anti-aging effect, perfectly rejuvenates and tightens the skin, restores skin freshness and tone.
It is recommended to take no more than three courses per year.
Ideal Treatment for:
~ Tightens sagging, lost skin tone
~ Tones up a swollen facial contour
~ Regulates dryness or oily skin
~ Gives the face freshness
~ Reduces facial wrinkles
~ Promotes the return of oxygen and nutrients to cells
~ Removes puffiness
~ Removes puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.
Duration: 90 mins

HAIR TREATMENT with MESOTHERAPY - Prevent and treat the Hair Loss! $79

What is it?
Mesotherapy is one of the popular non-invasive and non-surgical cosmetic hair restoration procedure for male & woman. 
This involves microchannels creation by a Dermapen, then a unique mesococktail which contains hair growth factors, amino acids, peptides and various nutrients required for hair growth is applied to scalp which directly reaches hair roots.
Dermapen is a new technology in micro-needling procedures, which are used to stimulate the production of collagen within the skin, oxygenation and stimulation hair growth. 
Ideal Treatment for:
~ Thin hair
~ Hair loss
~ Strengthening hair roots
~ After pregnancy hair loss treatment
Duration: 30 mins


What is it?
Laser biorevitalisation allows achieving the effect of rejuvenation of skin without injections and carried out using the low-intensive laser and hyaluronic acid gel.
Besides, the laser renders additional effect – it stimulates blood supply and outflow of a lymph strengthens walls of capillaries, that accelerates metabolism in deep layers of skin.
Laser biorevitalisation helps to improve skin colour, to level its relief due to reduction of folds and small wrinkles, normalizes work of sebaceous glands and reduces greasiness of the skin, prevents photoaging.
Ideal Treatment for:
~ Anti-aging
~ Struggle with prematurely arisen wrinkles in eyes and around an actinostome, 
~ Lifting the corners of lips
~ Removes dark circles around eyes
~ Moisturisation
Duration: 75 mins


What is it?
MESOTHERAPY is one of the most popular cosmetology procedures widely used internationally. 
Needle-Free Mesotherapy is based on the Electroporation (gentle electrical impulses) method which maximises the cell permeability and delivers the biologically active substances directly to skin cells. 
During this procedure, biologically active substances are introduced by the apparatus into the surface and middle layers of the skin. 
The procedure uses meso-cocktails which contain peptides, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, microelements, amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants. 
Ideal Treatment for:
~ Activates the cell metabolism process
~ Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin
~ Reconstructs the internal structure of the skin effectively
~ Smooths lines and wrinkles 
~ Restores the skin tone and elasticity, and returns the healthy, glowing appearance
Duration: 75 mins


What is it?
Microdermabrasion is one of the popular procedures in Australia and used to renew overall skin tone and texture and also treat and prevent skin sun damages. 
Advanced Beauty Therapy Salon adopts the latest in microdermabrasion skin techniques developed over years of study and practising and consultations with clients.
Microdermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure that uses fine using a diamond tip wand and a vacuum to remove dead skin cells that lead to skin congestion and growing old. 
The process stimulates blood flow to the skin improving skin tone and texture. 
Ideal Treatment for:
~ Fine lines and wrinkles
~ Hyperpigmentation, age spots and brown spots
~ Enlarged pores and blackheads
~ Acne and acne scars
~ Stretch marks
~ Dull-looking skin complexion
~ Uneven skin tone and texture
~ Melasma
~ Sun damage
Duration: 60 mins

OXYGENEO - Oxygen Cocktail for Your Skin! $89

What is it?
Let your skin's natural radiance shine with OxyGeneo!
"Oxygen cocktail" for the face with an oxygen rejuvenation procedure.
The new generation technology, no surgery, no injection, with a quick visible effect the next day.
The procedure is being implemented with a special patented technology, invented in Israel.
It takes place in three stages:
1. Purification, stimulation of cells, oxygen saturation and improvement of blood circulation
2. Toning the muscles of the face, returning their elasticity
3. Moisturising and nourishing mask that penetrates the skin and brings sleeping cells back to life.
As a result, your face will shine with freshness and you will have a wonderful mood.
The procedure can be either one-off or in regular sessions, for consistent results.
Ideal Treatment for:
If you have an important date, a wedding, a meeting with friends, a romantic evening or you just want to look fresh by the weekend, this procedure will suit you perfectly.
Duration: 60 mins



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