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FACTOR G Renew Rejuvenating Cream

Sesderma Laboratorios

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$85.00 AU

This nourishing and moisturising cream, perfect for dry skin, results from applying biotechnology to skincare and skin regeneration. It contains 7 plant-based biotechnological growth factors which activate your skin’s regeneration mechanisms in order to multiply x 3 collagen and elastin synthesis, thus fighting flaccidity and wrinkles. Can you say the same about your current anti-age cream?

The most annoying feature of aging is flaccidity. And wrinkles, of course. For this reason, Sesderma has used its innovating capacity to create this biotechnological formula. Regardless of your skin type (normal, combination or oily), this cream gel is for you. Incorporate it to your daily routine and you will see wrinkle reduction and an increased skin tone in 28 days. If you have combination or oily skin, try Factor G Renew Gel Cream.

• Anti-age cream with growth factors and plant stem cells which stimulate cell regeneration and the production of collagen and elastin (+86 and +37% respectively). 
• Wrinkle reduction, skin recovers elasticity and suppleness. 
• Skin recovers firmness. 
• Active ingredients encapsulated in liposomes for a deeper penetration and greater effectiveness.

Cleanse and tone your skin with Sensyses Lightening if you like cleansing solutions and cotton pads, or with Hidraven foamy cream if you prefer water-based cleansing and your regular toner.
Next, apply Factor G Renew serum or your regular serum.
Apply Factor G Renew Cream with a soft massage on face, neck and cleavage. 
The correct amount is that obtained by pushing the pump 3 times to spread evenly. 
You can use it both in the morning or at night.
And don’t forget to use sunscreen!



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